I Beg You To Live Poem by Amy Ludidi

I Beg You To Live

Rating: 4.9

I see you my friend
Your pains, struggles and challenges
I have faced them with you
I walk with you

Your ailments i have felt
Deep within these veins
Under my surface
...my internal
I see you my friend

I have heard you cry
And have cried with you
For my shoulders were
Sometimes not big enough
I have ached for you

I know your story, your legend
In this very heart
Beneath this skin
I have felt your sorrows

I remember the times
That you felt helpless,
And in despair
Inside i was torn for you

When the wind blew west
And you had other plans
I felt the hollowness
Of your soul
When you finally gave in
I understood

But i beg you to live


R.I.P Pam Shabangu


do you beg someone to live or leave?

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 06 December 2008

A well written love tragic...............you beg him to live........so that you can live too! ! Keep writing Amy.Good job.

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Sarah Sisson 06 December 2008

wonderful! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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*Trusting You* 06 December 2008

I think we all have had friends like this at one point in our lives. nice flow. I love the end. good job. Cryatal

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Wonderful. The power of a real friend to see, hear and touch. Those who have such friends are rich indeed. I like this poem. Keep writing.

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<font color=black>Nagourta 27 February 2009

I was listening to Dark Matter by Porcupine Tree while I read this. It enhanced the mood of your poem. Very expressive.

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Ivor Hogg 15 January 2009

Empathy is a gift and a burden

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C T Heart 07 January 2009

So heartfelt Amy, penned smoothly with so much emotions into it...Hope to read more of your poems, waiting for the next.10

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Blue Eyes 07 January 2009

i love this poem it is truely great.i love every bit of it.it really touched my heart.

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Cheryl Lynn Moyer-peele 16 December 2008

Amy - You share your genuine feelings in real context. This is the heart of true poetry. The right words will always come to you. Blessings - Cheryl

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