If Not Me Then Who? Poem by Amy Ludidi

If Not Me Then Who?

Rating: 4.8

must i read books that tell me
who my maker is, written by you
though you come in many faces
claiming redemption and guidance
although i suspect misguidance
as i see past your disguises
tell me who you want me to be

must i give rise to your ego
so that i may satisfy
your worldly needs
which you claim i must give up
who do you want me to be?

must i lay down, get run over and die
so you may have something
to shed your crocodile tears for?
will your heart bleed
when i finally get up
and try again?
tell me who you want me to be

must i wear tight minis,
stilletos, rings, silver loops
and put chemical in my hair
so that you can tell
your friends about me?
it seems as though this box,
this cubicle that you have
caged me in is not enough
so am i a rebel when i want out?
these standards that you set
about yourself, your truth,
the way, my life i cannot fit in
so who would you rather i be?

it seems that your greed refuses
to see past my physical
killing my very seed
taking away my internal soul
turning me ill
when it seems all that matters
is the creed and the colour
who would you rather i be?

must i take off rather rip off
this skin that you loathe so much?
must i sell my soul so i may
satisfy this need that you have
to see only just this perception,
this expression that you have of me?
this expression that you have
manuevred so that i remain
dead inside
who would you rather i be?
if not me then who?
who do you want me to be?

and so i die a million deaths,
trying, fighting to be reborn
again into my own so i may be
who my maker intended for me to be
i am who i am
not who you want me to be



I love this piece, every single word from the beginning to the end... and the last verse is my favourite :)

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 10 January 2009

Very well written poetic description of what you wanted to be and what you are? I think its time to get rid of such questions and do what you want to be. Get your body free of cage and cubicle. Get your soul free. Its the time now and the only way out.......Best of luck!

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Sarah Sisson 10 January 2009

been in the cubical myself....thank you for sharing this one

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Brianna Trombley 10 January 2009

very heartfelt poem, what is expected of you, but staying true to yourself, something i once had a problem with, wonderful poem with great descriptio, thanks for sharing

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Yaseen Anwer 12 January 2009

Dear Amy u must feel proud of this piece of work as being an artist. Well Constructed keep going! Regards Yas

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Laurie Hill 19 January 2009

An absolute cracker Amy. The shallowness of some, so very well described.10

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John Smith 18 January 2009

Wow, very moving indeed, touching. You are very deep my poetic friend, great work.10ed!

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Ivor Hogg 15 January 2009

Be true to yourself my friend and you wont go far astray. You write your feelings with clarity in well written poetic prose

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gr8t peace u got here milady

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Sebastine Humaemo 14 January 2009

one of the best poem u made Amy..........enjoyed reading it...sebastine.....

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