Intro..Soilchild Poem by Amy Ludidi


Rating: 4.3

I am a child of the soil
Whose presence
And aura is felt in her
My name will forever remain in memories
Though i may cease to exist
My bones will wither and become one again
With the dust
But my name will never cease
To exist
I am the child of the soil


Omar Ali Sabar 06 December 2008

so beautifully expressed in a thought provoking way 10/10

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*Trusting You* 06 December 2008

My name will forever remain in memories good line. you did a great job on this one... I enjoyed reading it a lot. good job. Becca

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Ivor Hogg 15 January 2009

From dust we come and to dust we return What matters is what we do in the time we have

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I like how you let it flow, lightly with passion for the theme... Soilchild - born to die with its immortal name... great write :)

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C T Heart 09 January 2009

Beautiful and lovely poem, true we all are a child from the soil, of the soil as in God's creation man was created by God through the soil and women from the ribs of a man, then there was man and woman...We all withered go back to dust where we belong but our names will remain in the memories of our love ones...10 from me.

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Blue Eyes 07 January 2009

i like the poem a lot though it is short, but it is all poetry and that is rare to see.

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Powerful words. The legacy of a life well lived is awesome. Kee writing.

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