Confessions Of A Lover Poem by Amy Ludidi

Confessions Of A Lover

Rating: 4.6

forever i'l be your boy
..and in her entire life
she'd never felt more joy
he would make her his wife

with the purest of hearts, deeply
she loved him
oh so dearly
did she love him
it was the sweetest thing

it was the magic they made
when they became
i was the truths they uncovered
when they connected
it was the initial stages
when they were too shy
to hold hands in public
it was the sweetest thing

it was the times they hung up
only to call right back
it was the times that his
kisses soothed every one
of her pains and ailments
he was healing her
it was the reflection in his eyes
that showed true affection was the sweetest thing

these are the confessions
... of my lover

it was the smile that appeared
on her face each time he did appear
it was the giggles that erupted
from her lips when he drew near
it was the direction that she took
when she was sleep walking
dam! it was the sweetest thing

these are the confessions
... of my lover

it was the measures that she took
just to get a glimpse of his face
it was the chances that she took
just to have aonther look
after the last kiss
it had to be the sweetest thing

it was her joy...
that brought me piercing pain
when he said...
baby i'm leaving you
...for her



hey soil child. my chest grew bigger, for this filled my heart until its room became insufficient.. it had to grow.. i loved it

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 17 January 2009

Lost in love is a sad thing to happen, but its better than loss of life.Nicely written.

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Kefentse Sathekge 03 April 2009

you just dont know when to stop do you? lol you are provocative.

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Ana Zaldivar 07 February 2009

This is sooo touching and it made me cry... it brought me so much memories.. sweet memories... read my poem ''bittersweet memories'' you'll understand why am I saying this... other than that is a very beautiful poem. great job, and big talent. best wishes, ana

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Laurie Hill 02 February 2009

I confess: 0) this is t''to hang up and ring straight back again..10

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How can something so sweet become so bitter? Sad yet substantive. Well written.

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Rajinder Singh 18 January 2009

out of sadness only comes beautiful poetry.Keep writing such beautiful poetry

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