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You are what I love
And crave for so badly that nothing's ever enough.
Somehow creeping to my head,
that it's for the best of me.
Complicated, it gets.
My choices are weakening, I'm not that person anymore.
Delusional, I'm going.
For that thing speaks louder than my sounds of pain.
A joy that never lets me rise,
I'm somehow in the middle.
Of what's right and wrong,
Letting nothing else matter but you.

It's so suffocating.
But I just can't overpower what I let inside of me.
Oh you are what I love yes,
even though I know it's not healthy...

Melody Song 12 August 2009

I can connect with this poem and it has a strong meaning. You did a good job and it seems like you worked very hard on this.

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Life Poem 12 August 2009

June Bugg- Thanks, it was a little reaosn for the title. Tyrone- Aw! I'm really glad I picked this time too. And your welcome. I had this problem too, not with a drug but with a person. I think this was the hardest for me to write. Thanks. Frank- Thanks so so so much. I was hoping that'd happen!

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June Bugg 12 August 2009

i enjoyed the final stanza...

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Frank Lambert 12 August 2009

Hi Life, This is a little beauty. You've captured the madness of love. I really enjoyed reading this one. Your first and last lines bookend the verse brilliantly. Frank

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Grace Chen 27 February 2012

Great! Good. Understandable!

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Anthony Han 15 December 2011

This one is great, but can be better executed! Think over again and I bet you can produce a even better version.

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Lamont Palmer 20 August 2009

Alot of passion here. Strong write. -LP

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Kylie Pastor 14 August 2009

Great poem! I really liked it.

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Life Poem 12 August 2009

Melody, thanks deeply for understanding. I did, even though it turned out very simple. I'm very glad that I could show how much wrong someone could feel.

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