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Life Poem Poems

1. Struggle In The Fog 6/11/2009
2. Past The Wall 6/18/2009
3. Tanka 1 6/10/2009
4. Magic Woman 6/15/2009
5. Keep Laughing 6/13/2009
6. Suicidal Like You, Dad. 6/13/2009
7. In My Pocket 6/15/2009
8. Teacher 6/11/2009
9. Healthy 8/12/2009
10. Confused 6/15/2009
11. When I Let You In 6/13/2009
12. Believe 8/12/2009
13. Ode To Cheese 6/13/2009
14. A Man And Woman 6/11/2009
15. Getting Back Up 6/15/2009
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Getting Back Up

Life is a bright, long star boulevard,
Where you get good, when you work hard.

But Life is not a fantasy,
or just a love that's shared between thee'
It's a battlefield of broken goals,
A purple sky with empty souls.
The city streets with littered trash,
the wild fire left with ash.

Falling, hurting,
crying, blurting,
fearing, slipping,
failing, tripping.
Lies from fakers,
burning heart breakers.
Those knocking you down,
smiling when you frown.

But others tell you keep on going,
you try so hard though your steps are ...

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