Believe Poem by Life Poem


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When all the things I touch should die,
I always look upon the sky.

For it holds clouds of wonder, of bliss,
Like a gentle lovers kiss.

What you want, you shall recieve,
you can see if you believe.

Then why on a person it is so hard,
To love someone but stand their guard.

Because you always want the good,
of me but don't accept the bad.
You think that I'm not good enough,
or the daughter you could have had.
Then you know that I could be,
the best damn girl if I believe.

But that's not easy when you're around,
not cheering me on but pulling me down...

Sahara Adhikari 09 December 2011

it's gudd.... really nice

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Rup Pokharel 26 August 2009

Nice piece of art of yours i got to read. Thank god. Do give us some more best art of yours. I f u have time somehow do go thro mine too. Thanks.10++++

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Jane Zhu 05 June 2012

Very well written Something I can relate to... It feels suffocating at times... Keep fighting, I'll cheer on for you

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Wahab Abdul 06 April 2012

i think the title of the poem is a faulty one......the title should be noun.....and it is....'' belief''

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Brenda Schneidt 16 March 2012

love this awesome cool poem and it chenge mylife... smile

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Marissa Ford 01 February 2012

Love this poem it explains my life

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Poem Guy 23 December 2011

another very good poem... simple, real, clear message with good rhyme and rhythm.

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