A Man And Woman Poem by Life Poem

A Man And Woman

Rating: 3.9

The Difference between a Man and a Woman;

When Man needs your silver hugs and caressing kisses,
Woman needs your mind as well.
When Man taunts your falls and misses
Woman shares a laughing spell.
When Man tells you all will be right
Woman tells you the mistake.
When Man starts leaving during fight
Woman sees through all that fake

Woman, with her knowing eyes and blowing hair
Man with muscles and puppy smile.
Woman with her bounty fair
Man's will last just for a while.

Which is better; man or woman?
woman or man?
Men are gifts we love to open, while women that we can save.

Life Poem 12 August 2009

Very funny. I appreciate that you've read this poem. Don't get me wrong, I love men. My dad is my greatest hero, a diamond in the rust. But women have that extra something, Life

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Eyan Desir 29 July 2009


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Keith Oliver 03 August 2009

Very enlightening towards difference in emotion/characteristics between a man and woman. Great poem.

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Angelic Warrior 17 June 2009

women! ...oh yeah all the way! ....were the best.....no men and women can be equal....depending on the person of course.....nice poem 10

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Life Poem 17 June 2009

Funny.Thanks very much for your rating.

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Mountain Man 26 September 2019

Excellente poem different between the two, a mystery to understand, understand.........

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Martin O'Neill 20 March 2012

One cannot say one is better for they are complementary if not always complimentary.

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Vipins Puthooran 08 February 2012

sagacious/an excellent poem! !

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Jeline Loh Jen-Li 19 January 2012

Amazing. Truly woman is made great in gentleness. Check out my poem. A brand new year to be review The past is no longer the present The old seems to be anew It is as though life has been reset The broken has been made whole The poor has decided to be rich The lost is guided by a hope The singles are ready to be hitch New Year resolutions are reserved The best is truly what we deserved With all our might we will preserved What is worthy for us to conserved As we look to a brand new year of precision As we look to a brand new year of distinction Copyrighted @ Jeline Loh

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Anthony Han 15 December 2011

great write, loving the style of it all

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