In My Pocket Poem by Life Poem

In My Pocket

Rating: 3.7

In my pocket I had placed your heart
making sure it didn't fall.

Oh! A fish jumped out of the earth for me,
a pig fly cross' the sky to thee'
the mountains mentioned their hellos,
the storm became quiet and stopped to bellow.

All as I skipped by with your heart in my pocket,
and loved you still.

Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 19 June 2009

Beautiful imagery and metaphors.So, it's still in your pocket?

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Life Poem 15 June 2009

I hope he has my heart too, lol. Thanks for commenting, I tried something new here too

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Eyan Desir 15 June 2009

awww, I hope your heart stays save in this pocket... 10s

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sffdd 17 November 2019

this stinks cat can do better

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Life Poem 12 August 2009

Yay! I captured reader's hearts! I think we can all relate to feeling safe when someone loves you.

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Hebert Logerie Sr. 26 July 2009

What an amazingly lovely story!

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Obed Souza 11 July 2009

A lovely piece! 10!

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Life Poem 22 June 2009

Thanks so much. I like to see good imagery in poems as well, so it is a gold comment. Beautifully, yes it is.

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