Hello, Gray Salamander Poem by Hans Ostrom

Hello, Gray Salamander

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Among the events occurring
in the universe today, one featured
a convergence of the life patterns
belonging to a salamander and me.

Ambystoma gracile is the alleged
name of this plump salamander's kind,
habitat- Pacific Northwest. Size of
a small lizard, gray on top, orange

like a fiery sunset underneath.
The head-lamp eyes were firmly
closed, the circular toes
mythically delicate. A chill

had wedged A. gracile between
nap and coma on concrete.
I picked it up by the tail
and moved it near a pink azalea

so crows wouldn't spot it.
It arced its body in slumber
and opened its mouth to mime
complaint before I set it down.

Our meeting has made me
committed to becoming
an affiliate member of the Pacific
Northwest Salamander Society.

hans ostrom 2018

Bernard F. Asuncion 23 March 2018

Hans, such a great poem of the day...congrats for being chosen.... huge 10++++

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Bri Edwards 23 March 2018

(continued) ... i like the poem a lot. to MyPoemList. i have a poem somewhere on PH about my personal encounter with a salamander, but i didn't join a Society. [[perhaps 'my salamander' joined the N.W. Human Society? ]] i believe i'm of the Society of All Animals already. ha. some favorite lines; had wedged A. gracile between nap and coma on concrete...................AND: and opened its mouth to mime complaint before I set it down. .................................... BRI :)

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Lyn Paul 23 March 2018

Thank you for reminding me of this reptile. Wonderful to read and good luck with your new adventure.

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Edward Kofi Louis 23 March 2018

Events occurring! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 23 March 2018

Beautiful depiction has been made on Salamander and related to it. Thanks and congratulations for POD.

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Tom Allport 23 March 2018

a poem of doing a good deed and how it can affect what we do in future?

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