Her Body...

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In a moment's run a worn out body
I wake up yet dozing body
Any individual who looks uninformed
One such thing is drained body
I crave contacting it
Her body is a sheet and sheets her body
This custom of tight skin has since been gone
The another body likewise resembles her body
It is spotless like water
Inside my eyes skimming her body
On the bed there is nothing other than you
In any case, feeling to me third body
The Earth acknowledged the impacts of the seasons
At the point when the spring came get crisp her body
Presently can not fix it, Shakira
It is smarter to wear another body

Monday, November 19, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: feelings,romance
Me Poet Yeps Poet 26 November 2018

the body is beautiful if you know how to live within your body your poetry is lovely too as yourself know you nice to come across such lovely poetry ma'am read my moms smiles would you advance thanks

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Ravi Kopra 19 November 2018

Aaarzoo ho Khawaashain hoN Agar poori no hoN To mun in k bhaar main Mara mara rehta hai

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Ravi Kopra 19 November 2018

waqat har cheez ko badalta hai ko, badan ko, mohabbat ko, mun ko badalta hai ChotaiN khaatay khaatay hum booDay ho jaatay hain chotaiN badan ko, jaan ko, mohabbat ko lagti hain Phoolon ko kaato ya na kaato waqat aanay par murjha jaatay haiN

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Dr Shakira Nandini 19 November 2018

lagta hai tumhara mun badal gaya hai

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Anil Kumar Panda 19 November 2018

Awesome poem. Very deep and meaningful. Enjoyed thoroughly. Thanks for sharing.10+++

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Shakira Nandini 19 November 2018

Thanks Anil for motivation

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