Karmel Clune

Her Face. - Poem by Karmel Clune

She's made my day so many times, now I wish only that she'd make my life.
A smile that could shatter this heart and help it bleed anew.
Eyes, crystalline, a fleeting glimpse, a passing glance.
Wish upon wish, nights invade nights, days overlap days.
A star, the brightest, never compares to her lightest of touches, her softest of cries.
A love ensnared, by the scent of her hair.
A scent of longing, despair, and genuine care.
A laugh that breaks the thickest silence, a laugh to thempt the hearts of any.
This love exhumed by the loneliness of this room.
Her gaze untouched, her heart unrushed.
A given chase to see her face, a second again.
A slip of the tongue as she slips through my fingers.
Always, forever she lingers even when the memory's gone on.
Try to suppress, though these feelings suggest, to look in her eyes and confess.
To this love that defies, any logic I try.
A risk well-worth, well losing what works.
Scared to lose, when to gain is unlikely.
To gain unlike she.
If failing is this, sacrifice this one kiss, eternal bliss, as I forever savor this.
Our first and only kiss.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, April 23, 2006

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