Her Love Song Poem by Jim Yerman

Her Love Song

Rating: 5.0

They've been blessed with a wonderful life…with a love resilient and strong…
but all her life it has been her wish to write him a love song.

To let him know in her life he's played a vital part…to be able to put into music and rhyme…what she's felt within her heart.

She's tried…oh how she's tried….perhaps over a thousand times…
but the music never found its way out of her heart and she never found the rhymes.

She's given him many a love note…cards with messages…short and long…
but secretly she had always dreamed of writhing that love song.

She never told him about her wish…how the music and the rhymes wouldn't flow…
but in her last note…before he died…she finally let him know.

The card read simply:
I've always wanted to write you a love song…so you could hear and see…
in the music and the lyrics…all you've meant to me.

I've always wanted to write you a love song…with a melody as beautiful as the birds…I've always wanted to write you a love song…but I could never rhyme my words.

I've always wanted to write you a love song…every birthday…every anniversary…
but this is as close as I've ever come…and she signed the card…Love, me.

He smiled as he closed the card…and held it to his chest
realizing, as he always had…how in life he has been blessed.

Oh, but you have been writing me a love song, he said…
a tune more beautiful than the birds…
the whole time we've been together…with your actions and your words..

You have written me a love song…every minute of every day…
I see it in everything you do…I hear it in everything you say…

He held her hands…and when their eyes met…
when it came to that love song…no longer was she sad…
she went from wanting to write him a love song
to realizing…she already had.

Richard Wlodarski 18 May 2022

How I missed this poem, I don't know. But it's one that I'm happy to have read. Great job, Jim!

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Nate Tulay 09 May 2022

A truly beautiful piece Jim, beautifully written.5 Stars

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Jayne Davies 09 May 2022

Brought tears to my eyes x A beautiful write xThank you for sharing x

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