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This experience that we call life,
is a little too complex to end with death;
A cycle of forgotten rebirths,
we flow purposefully with time.

Don't ever mistake
me for a poet.
At heart,
I am a revolution,

Everyone loves
a love poet
who is intelligent
and attractive.

Who will befriend me an infinite years from now,
if I were to descend from heaven with no
knowledge and memories of my past lives once
again? Will I be cast aside, and sentenced

There once was a cosmic maiden
who had everything wealth could buy,
compassionate was her thoughts,
and colorful was her soul.

I stole my smile
with my own negative thoughts,
I tricked my eyes
with my own false images,

Should I honor thee with your pen,
or remind you of who you still are,
now that wisdom has opened the eyes
of men, and clothed them with self-same

I woke up with my Ka on a Spring day,
no longer delirious, no longer asleep,
I analyze creation in a quest to better
understand my surroundings, life is our

You may have forgotten, forgotten about
the paradise, the paradise far far away,
and of the goddess who died, who died
from love and her passion to nurture

Outside of politics, outside of wealth, outside of power,
the Conscience finishes a case study, and their minds ascend,
higher, and higher than anyone has ever dared to climb before.
Darling, this is it, our age, our first stand towards fairness,

Science, the field of intelligence, self-
awareness, and logic, the field that argues
that God could exist through signs and
physical data; physical data: Intelligent

Those first 25 years that we love so much,
are neither sound or real, a prelude to our
forgotten lives, they haunt us, day and night —
And so all we do, is run and hide, run and hide

You live beyond your programming code, beyond the
desires of the average human, and that is why I cherish you.

Darling, you love, and you love, and you love, and so I love you.


Sad and lonely, even when I am healed,
I am still disturbed by the flaws and chaos
that are destroying my society. O conscience,
O conscience, is it our fate to heal through power,

Love is not enough at times, at times,
it cannot build a community, protect it,
and nurture life. Stranger, love is not
enough at times, and so we rather live

Love, the feelings that say I truly care
about you, and want to spend all of my
time with you, and want what is best for
you. Love, the thoughts that say I cannot

At night, I fall in and out of sleep with my
puppeteers, they hack my body and mind
at times, and question me about life and
my past. In my dreams, the tests are more

I did not think about what would happen
after, or if I would lose you because of my
actions. I was not as aware as I currently
am. And so I just went along with the flow.


From computers and televisions screens,
you kept eyes on me, overseeing my day-
to-day life, nurturing me from afar,
making sure I had paths back to the real

You wouldn't believe it, and so I do not
expect you to fully get it, to get what
schizophrenia is like for us, but it is kind
of like having that twin you always wished

Nate Tulay Biography

Hi, my name is Nate, and I am a lover of poetry and poetic feedback and suggestions. Furthermore, I think good poets are usually the ones who are always open to feedback and are always looking for ways to improve their writing, style, and form. And so please leave as much feedback as you can through comments and messages since I really appreciate them and truly desire to be a good poet too. And to my fellow poets and the community, thank you for the many unique and beautiful poems, and for existing and being open-minded too.)

The Best Poem Of Nate Tulay

Conscience V. Science

This experience that we call life,
is a little too complex to end with death;
A cycle of forgotten rebirths,
we flow purposefully with time.

Toiling through our gifts and interests,
we endlessly strive from one life to the next.

To nurture and build, one may think
is the calling, but what really is a calling
in a world full with the endlessness of ideas;

Darling, this experience that we call life,
is a little too complex to end with death--—

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Gilbert C Daminagbo 23 December 2022

Methinks, a question mark should be in the 3rd stanza but not on the 1st line then 'full' filled.

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Uche Nwanze 17 June 2022

This indeed is a masterpiece. I couldn't help but marvel at the intellectual sagacity you displayed in this work.

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Nate Tulay 17 June 2022

Thank you for taking the time to read my work, and for the feedback. They mean a lot to me, and I really appreciate them.

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