~ Hey Perverted Delhiites Come On Rape Me [29 Words Poetry] ~ Poem by MS. NIVEDITA BAGCHI SPC. UK.

~ Hey Perverted Delhiites Come On Rape Me [29 Words Poetry] ~

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~ Hey Perverted Delhiites Come On Rape Me [29 words poetry] ~
Ms. Nivedita
April 22,2013

Hey Perverted Delhiites
Shame on you
For making
Capital of Rape
In India
Why but?

A desperate protest
Vide infra ~

==)) - ==) - ==)) -

Poetry rolls forward: -
Come on rape me
With prurient plunge
Sense the stinging
Embracing warmth
Of g**m* ra*. ~ [1]

My females
Are programmed
To em***ulate
An exemplary
Resort needed
To dodo rapists. ~ [2]

Decoding: -
= =) -: g**m* ra*.= gamma ray
= =) - em***ulate =emasculate
Further Note: Message to all rapists. Delhi perpetual episodes are just catalyst.
Glossary: With humility given for what I tried to express.
Delhiites: Inhabitants of Delhi.
Prurient: Characterized by lust.
Gamma ray: Extremely potent, powerful radioactive ray to destroy cells.
Emasculate: Ablation of male genitals.
Dodo [as verb]: Extinct bird = to extinct.
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Dear Nivedita You have already invited me twice to read your poems. I have already read your poems many times over. You are an Uncut Diamond, Niv! ! It needs polishing... You are definitely a new voice on the horizon. And that voice is powerful. It will be heard If a dog barks in a Crowded street, that bark may not be heard even two streets away. But if a Lion gives even a Solitary Roar from his Solitary Cave, that roar is heard even miles away. You are that Lioness, Niv. But you have to work hard....Work on your idiom, dear Nivvy, until it has that cultivated roar....And then have patience... A controlled moderate stream of water can cut through even Eight Inch Thick Steel. But a wayward spray of water, however powerful, may not even cut a single hole in the ground.... You are an Uncut Diamond, dear Niv! ! You need polishing.....

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Neela Nath Das 23 April 2013

Thanks Nivedita for raising voice against this brutal act. You know, they think, they can use and throw women. It's their culture.Hardik is right. It's not only an issue of Delhi.But, some people are spoiling our country's fame. Death sentence can't rectify the guys of that mentality.They need counseling.Because, it's their disease.

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Hardik Vaidya 23 April 2013

Hi Nivedita, there is nothing unusual about chaps in Delhi. Rape is cultural in India. Delhi is important as an example because being the Capital its law and order enforcement is supposed to be top class. If women are ripped off their dignity in Delhi, it is not difficult to understand their state in the rest of the country. Indians are Indians Delhi has nothing specific which turns them into more powerful rapists. Therefore rape is not a Delhi issue, it runs in our culture, the problem is we don't want to accept the fact that we are a culture that affords women the same status as we afford to cattle. Once we accept ground Zero we can build and move forward, we are a civilisation in denial since a Millenia.

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 22 April 2013

MS. NIVEDITA BAGCHI look the world is going to be more aggressive in many dimension law maker Sexual relationship with consent they made the law //now tell me what is it uproar on age 16 and at 18 smoothed /why does a prostitute required licence all games on consent based on money/here money and unemployment plays a role/one more thing posters of nakedness or hot breathing is also the cause/ the thing is that TRUTH IS NOT ACCEPTABLE BY ANY BODY/ I consider the RAPE worst than the terrorist attack here in rape soul scattered

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a brave attempt quick and harsh punishment is the answer.

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Captain Herbert Poetry 24 September 2013

a different kind of style of poem

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Meera Panigrahi 18 September 2013

Rape is a shame, and you have brought it out well.

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Sinomhlobo Marwanqa 15 August 2013

I am deeply touched by this issue of rape... And here your lines are so beautiful for such a horrid act..

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Asal Banu 13 August 2013

so niceeeeeeeeeeeee! :) like

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Amitabha Bagchi 27 June 2013

Hi Nivedita, Basically I am not a born poet. I am an Ophthalmic Surgeon and Retired Professor of Ophthalmology from State of Tamil Nadu, (mother tongue is Tamil) one of the four states in South India. I started writing Tamil poems, (Not very conventional; it requires lot of grammatical and poetical knowledge either by birth or early related education and training) . We study English in High School and college especially all medical subjects in English only. If we study in other states with other languages, we had to naturally converse in English with other students and teachers. And also we read daily news paper ‘The Hindu’ in English. We develop English knowledge by experience. I try to write poems for the past two years with simple English and necessary rhymes, if possible. Regarding the second poem, I agree it is a shame not only for Delhiites, but also for any Indian. Suppose 100 men and 100 women are going not all men rape and not all women are raped. But honestly I say most of the women don’t complain for fear of examination and inquiry in the court, and also the case is pending and prolonged in the court for years; that vexes the girl and relatives. Rapists should be punished on the spot, as you said, emasculate radioactively or surgically. V.K.Kanniappan ~~~~~ Respected Dr. Sahib, Thanks for interest in my poem. May I request you to read my other poems e.g. I want To Be Raped, Memo To Missy, Mom By Default Rape, Why Hack My She. I try to keep my poetic calorie at very decibel against all crimes on women. Best regards Yours in Poetry niv ____ Posted thru courtesy of AB London

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