Hiding From Memories Poem by Vallerie Lobell

Hiding From Memories

Rating: 5.0

Hiding from memories, that's what I do,
Trying so hard to get over you,
Like flashbacks from nightmares, they hit and run,
I know this misery has only begun,

They buzz in my mind like angry bees,
Bringing me down to my knees,
I don't have the strength to get back up,
Of this thing called love, I've had enough,

My heart is too tender to be touched by another,
The flame burning for you, I cannot smother,
I am being haunted by these memories of you,
I run but they chase me, that's what they do,

Like stars that shine bightly then fade away,
I feel my light grow dimmer each day,
And soon I shall vanish just like the dew,
Hiding from memories, trying to get over you,

Sameer Ahmed 05 July 2009

I am so touched Ms Lobell...Very unique poem in a way that it tends to describe the anti-nostalgic theme with deep seeded melancholy in it......

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William Greer 16 November 2006

how we all try to hide yet dont relly succeed, lovely poem so apt for my life just now

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Brian Dorn 06 September 2006

Vallerie, I like the concept, hiding from memories is a daunting task. Good write! ! Brian

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Steve Hagget 06 September 2006

Dont vanish too soon - I like your poetry! beautiful poem - touched with melancholy. Thanks Steve

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