Holy Month Poem by shakil ahmed

Holy Month

Holy Month

It is a month of fasting
Observed by all Mohammedan
With devotion and purity of mind
We observe the holy Ramadan.

Ramadan comes after eleven months
To wash away our endless sin
We frequently pray to God
To make us holy and clean.

In the month of holy Ramadan
Satan is fastened with an iron chain
We remain free from temptation, and
Rah mat comes like shower of rain.

Muslims tell the beads of rosary
Whenever they find some time
Because recitation of Allah’s name
Makes our soul pure and sublime.

Bestowing his blessings and mercy
God forgives even terrible sinners
Every Muslim goes to the mosque
When Muezzins call from the miners.

Rah mat and Barkat prevail in the earth
Like the unending blazing sunlight
World becomes full with Rah mat
Especially in the dead of night.

People do not take food or water
From dawn to dusk
Just to get the blessings of God
Muslims undertake the difficult task.

Ramadan comes with a tune of joy
For pious Muslims of the earth
By praying and sacrificing before God
They receive unending joy and mirth.

He is the most wretched person
Who is not forgiven in Ramadan
O, Great God, forgive us all, because
Your title is Allah meherban.

After fasting of thirty days
Eid comes with lots of joy
Everybody enjoys with full heart
Irrespective of girl and boy.

Shakil Ahmed.

Friday, July 3, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: religious
Kassem Oude 03 July 2015

Very well written and rhymed poem, it represent the core of Muslim teaching. But may I ask: Is it forgivable to sin during eleven months and get sins washing by fasting thirty days?

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Abdulrazak Aralimatti 03 July 2015

Truly, Muslims fast from dawn to dusk which makes them achieve patience and with patience comes the grace of the Almighty.Nicely penned.

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Seema Chowdhury 05 July 2015

Beautifully described this blessed month, may we all collect the spiritual benefits of Ramadhan. Ramadhan Mubarak to you and your family. Remember my family in your kind prayers.

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Hazel Durham 06 July 2015

A very informative and well presented write with God's mercy he saves us all!

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Kumarmani Mahakul 14 September 2017

It has been beautifully inscribed. May God accept your prayer and may bless you. Happy Eid. After fasting of thirty days Eid comes with lots of joy Everybody enjoys with full heart Irrespective of girl and boy.... loved these lines.

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Seema Chowdhury 16 July 2015

May God accepts all your prayers and good wishes.

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Sharmila Ray 15 July 2015

very perceptive. liked it.

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Aston Marley 08 July 2015

Allah akbar..... God bless you, great words.

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Raamadan kareem, Shakil bhai! Mubarak! Good and informative poem. Stanzas are well arranged. Thanks for sharing with us. May you be blessed with purity of mind and strength.

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shakil ahmed

shakil ahmed

Badarpur, Assam, India.
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