(*) Homeless Love Poem by Rafique Farooqi

(*) Homeless Love

Rating: 2.8

Thirst is never quenched,
by distant vision of the water,
It burns like a desire,
Consumed, and contracted,
With blazing of time,
You may trim the clay of hopes,
from outcast of ambitions,
and days to return empty handed and worn.,
making fallen leafs your,
Only ornament,
Fate is. a street boy,
crying over broken toy,
Your silence,
meant for confession,
unwanted sins,
dragging weary feet,
on bend of street,
Just with homeless and,
wayward love.

Bob Jeffory 02 May 2018

Ths poem made me cry

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Yousaf Shah 21 July 2010

What a great way to put your emotions nd feelings in words its really outstanding u rocks

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Aminath Neena Haneef 17 April 2010

Deep and meaningful.. beautifully captured essence of love

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Rehana Nazli 13 August 2009

Love never ends if it is love, because its origin is pure in one's heart. So how can it be homeless? Rehana NAZLI

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Aamnah Akhtar 12 July 2009

I am amazed at your genius and literary prowess to highlight almost all connotations that one could attach to this write...

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Rafique Farooqi

Rafique Farooqi

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