Hooch Is The Killer Poem by Rajnish Manga

Hooch Is The Killer

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Nearly 120 people have died recently
Most of them had gone to mourn
The death of a relative In Kashipur
They took hooch, it consumed their lives.

Bootleggers clandestinely & illegally
Distilled, marketed and consumed
Mostly in impoverished localities
Infested with diabolic syndicates

It's not the first time or the last
We've seen it happen many a time
Due to administrative Callousness
and collusion or political backing

Trap these villains who for dirty lucre
Kill innocents and ruin their families.

Monday, February 18, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: families,innocence,wine
Me Poet Yeps Poet 20 February 2019

You cannot blame the ADMINISTRATION NEIGHBORS AND KNOWERS need to whistle just DIAL 911 and convey Just come and see in Canada how with NO POLICE around all is secure and if you do a wrong heaven knows how POLICE come within seconds SECURITY IS NATIONAL RESPONSIBILITY RM SIR JI

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Michael Walker 31 October 2019

A criticism of bootleggers and hooch which someone had to make. It is tempting to seek out cheap alcohol, not knowing that it is toxic. It is like a tragedy for the buyers.

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Valsa George 11 March 2019

Such mass deaths have become a common affair! How many innocent people lured by the addiction of liquor fall into the trap of bootleggers! This has happened many times in Kerala especially among the fisherfolk! They look for cheap liquor without taking into account its poor quality! Toxic ingredients are added callously and people die or become blind or get maimed for life! The bootleggers destroy the younger generation through the sale of illegal drugs! A great poem cautioning the people!

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Rajnish Manga 15 March 2019

You have really made a very objective assessment of the situation and have brought to fore the factors responsible for its spread mostly in economically backward class people. My sincere thanks to you, Valsa ji.

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Indira Renganathan 27 February 2019

Very sad...." It's not the first time or the last We've seen it happen many a time" .....yes...it has become a common sin everywhere many times....I appreciate your reply to o poet me poet Rajnish Mangaji...a true fact...an important issue well crafted in a poetic format..100

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Rajnish Manga 27 February 2019

You are right, Indira ji. Despite stringent laws & administrative machinery in place, there is lack of concerted efforts on the part of concerned authorities. Vested interests, too, would do anything to block all such efforts. General awareness and education can save innocent people from becoming victims of this scourge. Thanks a lot for sharing your supportive views.

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Me Poet Yeps Poet 25 February 2019

yeah I was searching for this one the hooch toll has gone up so I'm told very sorry for the sad incident sir please convey my condolences to all

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Rajnish Manga 26 February 2019

Thanks for expressing your deep concern over the tragedy. In another tragic incident about 145 people have died during the last one week in the Eastern Indian state of Assam due to consuming deadly hooch. It is unfortunate that these things are happening without any let up.

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Srijita Mondal 22 February 2019

The incident makes me sad..we must make our country drug-free and alcohol-free.. people are also helpless..they have to toil and suffer a lot..poor people drink alcohol to get rid of physical and mental pressure.. In this time Spirituality should be spread everywhere..if people gather to sing, dance and meditate they will need no drug to escape from reality..

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Rajnish Manga 24 February 2019

You have nicely summed up the entire situation and what should be an ideal stand-point. Spirituality and involvement in cultural activities may wean them away from the lure of drinking liquor. Yes, this is a plausible way out. Thanks a lot.

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