Poets For Peace Poem by Rajnish Manga

Poets For Peace

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In his contemplative mood
One of my poet friends
Offered a very revolutionary idea
And raised a very valid issue
He says- poets write poems
To raise their voice for world peace
But has it made an impact?

They have done it before
And they will do it time and again
of the world

But, what else can they do?
Can the writers and poets muster up
Dictatorial powers of despots?
Can they wield Executive or Political whip?
Mobilise arms and ammunition?
Guns to counter guns?
Ruthless violence to counter violence?
Disgorge an eye for an eye?
Stage a deadly attack
Against all black forces?
To numb their murderous tentacles?

Will this strategy succeed or fizzle out?
Or will it lead to more bloodshed?
Will it not be suicidal?

Let the forces trained to fight
Fight with their full might
(physical, moral and spiritual)
And defeat all black forces
Executing their mindless designs
Wherever they are.

Friday, September 9, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: fight,poets,suicide,violence,war,war and peace
Valsa George 16 December 2016

Yes, as poets we don't wield any military or official power other than our power over human hearts! So let the poets unite worldwide to voice for peace.....! It may not produce any miraculous results! Still if we can touch at least a few hearts, our efforts won't go in vain! A very practical way of looking at a crucial problem that affects our very existence! Enjoyed his beautiful poem!

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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 25 November 2018

We cannot underestimate the power of words. They are sharper than many swords put together. A sincere voice will be heard. It may take time. But i truly believe it will be heard. A collective voice for world peace will surely stir the collective conscience of the poets in particular, and people in general. Dear Rajnish ji, this is, indeed, a powerful poem........100

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Rajnish Manga 25 November 2018

Dear Geeta ji, please accept my sincere thanks for your kind support and appreciation. I fully agree with what you have stated in your review of the poem.

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Rajnish Manga 25 November 2018

For instance, we cannot forget the writings of the likes of G.B. Shaw including his play 'Arms And The Man' talking of the futility of war, Henry Thoreau's 'Walden' advocating civil disobedience or Voltair's works aimed at freedom of religion, freedom of speech and separation of Church and State. We stand nowhere in front of these stalwarts but, at least, we can have an honest attempt to raise our voice with like-minded people.

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Rajnish ji, this poem will shine like a bright sun forever!

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Revisiting 'Poets for Peace', once again! The Poets hold a pen and pour out their powerful feelings. They have an impact - a dynamic influence on the conscience of the readers. A poem absolutely relevant to the present times.

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The power or the collective voice of all poets on the site may force the self-serving way-ward politicians to see reason.

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Richard Wlodarski 28 May 2022

The voices, and actions, of passive terrorists in South Africa were largely responsible for the movement that had demanded, and won, Nelson Mandela's freedom! Look at what happened after that! Excellent poem, Rajnish!

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Rajnish Manga 29 May 2022

I appreciate your views and valuable feedback. Ideas that changed the world were not necessarily backed by armies.

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Varsha M 03 March 2021

This is profound sir. Nicely penned. We should sing in accord.

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