Cricket's Demi-Gods And Villains Poem by Rajnish Manga

Cricket's Demi-Gods And Villains

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Cricket's Demi-gods and Villains

Till yesterday, there were no odds,
Till yesterday, they were demi-gods,
Till yesterday, they were authentic,
Now you call them villains and frauds.

At times the fans raise their temple,
At others they raze that and trample,
They love to live by hype and frenzy,
How much? A defeat will be sample.

Cricket is what unites us and tames,
No other sports or no other games,
Cricketers are close to our hearts, but
We can't swallow defeats n shames.

Seven games they won- one by one,
You adored n lauded Dhoni's eleven,
Eighth match lost n you ran berserk,
Thus all that they did, was undone.

- - - - -
Faridabad, Haryana, India

Thursday, March 26, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: crazy,cricket,defeat,international,sport,tournament
This all happened during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. India won seven games on the trot but lost the eighth game (Semi-Final) to Australia. This was followed by too much hue and cry by fans.
Nosheen Irfan 09 February 2016

It beautifully captures the frenzy of cricket fans in the subcontinent. And also reflects life in general in the sense that if you are a success, people will treat you like a god n as soon as you fail, you are thrown from the high stature into ignominy. So the game of cricket can well be a metaphor for life.

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Khairul Ahsan 26 June 2016

So well said, Nosheen, loved your thoughtful comment.

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Glen Kappy 22 October 2016

rajnish, after getting comments from you on two of my poems, i wanted to read some of yours. i confess to knowing little about cricket, so obviously i am not a fan. however, i grew up with baseball- which must have, at least in part, origins in cricket. back then baseball was the american past-time with american football and basketball in inferior positions. anyway, all this to direct your attention to another poem of mine, orientation to baseball. this is the only poem i've written about a sport as best as i can recall. perhaps you'll enjoy it? peace. glen kappy p.s. yes, it's a bummer when the team we favor loses. -g.k.

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Rajnish Manga 23 October 2016

That's a wonderful feeling when you receive a comment from a fellow poet on a poem about a sporting event he is not very familiar with. I appreciate your interest in baseball which is remotely akin to the game of cricket. Thanks a lot for your kind words, Glen. I would love to read your poem about baseball.

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Lyn Paul 16 December 2020

A great poem. Steve Waugh did a wonderful documentary in India. It was joy seeing all of the children, girls and boys batting. I would like to go to a test, just for the amazing atmosphere.

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Cowboy Ron Williams 14 December 2020

I've never seen a cricket game, but have seen fans behaving badly after a loss in soccer. It's a disgrace when that happens. A good poem on this subject.

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Terry Dawson 30 March 2020

Haha, nothing so pleased a cricket mad nation than their team does well, how we love our conquering hero's then! ! !

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Magadha Rani 16 January 2020

We were jubilant when India won a series of games on the trot but we were disappointed when we lost the to Australia in Semi-Final. But I was different from other spectators, I congratulated team Australia for better performance! We can't swallow defeats n shames.....a substantial line of this insightful piece of work....10

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Michael Walker 12 December 2019

As another footnote, India is touring NZ again this summer. I'm looking forward to that.

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Rajnish Manga 13 December 2019

It would be interesting to watch. The game has started moving into fast lane in the wake of ODIs and T20.

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