How They Command Poem by Ernestine Northover

How They Command

Rating: 4.4

Snow capped mountains sharply pierce the sky,
Ragged peaks jut upwards stiff and stark.
Cold and frozen wilderness so high,
Standing out, a permanent landmark.

Vastness that amazes all who see
These giants made of rock, rising sheer.
Inhospitable. Only a few
Dare to climb them even though they fear.

These pinnacles soar above the hills,
And give views that take one’s breath away,
How massive they, from a distance seem,
Steep and lofty in their grand array.

They stay the same as year after year,
The elements attack endlessly.
But strong remain, how they command,
And move the rapt soul to ecstasy.

© Ernestine Northover

Andrew Blakemore 01 May 2008

You have created a scene of great beauty with your words. Lovely poem. Love Andrew x

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Duncan Wyllie 13 January 2008

These majestic giants Standing like elders, wise I see them and ponder there beauty Magnificient structures, in size Who would dare reach them, there summit Only the chosen few To brave, to reach the limits For such a magnificient view What a lovely poem Ernestine, you gave me inspiration to react Love duncan XXX

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Mary Gordley 11 January 2008

Very classic in style with beautiful imagery throughout. Thank you for a lovely poem to read.

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