Human Life ~ A Conflict. Poem by M. Asim Nehal

Human Life ~ A Conflict.

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How conflicting our body parts are ~
Our heart knows the secret yet mind defies.
Ears listen to the brain while heart speaks the truth.
Eyes witness things that heart shows not mind guides.
Fragrance of love blossoms mind never reaches the nose.
We cage our spirits and let loose our thoughts.
We put the comfort for our body and then regret for misuse.
Prayers of mind is for self-elevation while heart yearns for happiness around.
Heart teaches self while mind strives for preaching.
We humans are supreme because of our conflicting body and nature.

Friday, January 7, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: lessons of life,philosophical
Sandra Feldman 08 January 2022

A very well written poem. That makes you think deeply, very deeply about what and who we really are.

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Anjandev Roy 08 January 2022

Marvelous.....thank u, dear friend...

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Gordon Walter 08 January 2022

A great conflict with which we live on.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 07 January 2022

Great job! Well done dear friend!

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David Wood 07 January 2022

The path to wisdom us long and winding, (one of my quotes) .

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