Hurting For You 2 Poem by Michael P. McParland

Hurting For You 2

As I was lying down here on the couch
my sweet dear I was and am
hurting for you so very bad.
I hurt for your company and your loving words,
to hear your Angelic voice
and read your messages that to me
mean the world and so very much more.
I am hurting for you my sweet beautiful Kira
whom I love and adore more than anything.

I hurt so bad as I long to hold you
and share all the secrets I hold
in my world with you,
I am hurting to share all life has to offer
knowing everything is alright
because I have my best friend to reach out
and take her hand in mine.
I want to be able to wrap my arms around you
and so tightly hold you as I give you
all of the love you've so long deserved and wanted.
I'm hurting for you my sweet dear because
you are my diamond and bright shining
northern star I so truly treasure and cherish.

I hurt for you dear because we have always
shared so much that is beautiful,
warming, and truly joyus,
I want to have all of that back and experience
so much more of it all with my gorgeous lady.
I am hurting for you so I can apologize
for all that I did wrong and we can make amends
and help each other heal as we want to
while I hold you so close and dry your tears.
I am hurting for you because you are my Queen
and I want you to see just how beautiful you are,
I want you to know you are appreciated
and the very best by far.

I am hurting for you my sweet Angel dove
because I know that you hurt so very much too.
I want to give you deep comfort
as I give you sweet kisses and gaze in your eyes
saying it is okay because I am right here
for you my darling dear to no end.
I hurt for you because our deep love
and great friendship are true,
and life without you is living hell.
I am hurting for you and will probably
lay back down for awhile to dream of you
and try to ease all this aching.
I love you my sweetie for you are
the crown jewel of my heart and so amazing.
You are one of God's most special Angels
for whom I am so very thankful
and want to be with forever and ever.

Hurting For You 2
Monday, October 17, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: longing,missing you,true love
A very good evening to you my sweet beautiful Kira. I was just aching so bad as I lay down and wanted more than anything for you to be right there in my arms. God bless you my Angel I truly love you so very much and I am sending you the sweetest of kisses with huge hugs that are holding all of my loving strength and deep warmth for you. Feel me wrap my arms around you and take your hand within mine and be filled with comfort and peace my only one. ILYF
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