Hymns To The Night : 6 : Longing For Death Poem by Novalis

Hymns To The Night : 6 : Longing For Death

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Longing for Death

Into the bosom of the earth,
Out of the Light's dominion,
Death's pains are but a bursting forth,
Sign of glad departure.
Swift in the narrow little boat,
Swift to the heavenly shore we float.

Blessed be the everlasting Night,
And blessed the endless slumber.
We are heated by the day too bright,
And withered up with care.
We're weary of a life abroad,
And we now want our Father's home.

What in this world should we all
Do with love and with faith?
That which is old is set aside,
And the new may perish also.
Alone he stands and sore downcast
Who loves with pious warmth the Past.

The Past where the light of the senses
In lofty flames did rise;
Where the Father's face and hand
All men did recognize;
And, with high sense, in simplicity
Many still fit the original pattern.

The Past wherein, still rich in bloom,
Man's strain did burgeon glorious,
And children, for the world to come,
Sought pain and death victorious,
And, through both life and pleasure spake,
Yet many a heart for love did break.

The Past, where to the flow of youth
God still showed himself,
And truly to an early death
Did commit his sweet life.
Fear and torture patiently he bore
So that he would be loved forever.

With anxious yearning now we see
That Past in darkness drenched,
With this world's water never we
Shall find our hot thirst quenched.
To our old home we have to go
That blessed time again to know.

What yet doth hinder our return
To loved ones long reposed?
Their grave limits our lives.
We are all sad and afraid.
We can search for nothing more --
The heart is full, the world is void.

Infinite and mysterious,
Thrills through us a sweet trembling --
As if from far there echoed thus
A sigh, our grief resembling.
Our loved ones yearn as well as we,
And sent to us this longing breeze.

Down to the sweet bride, and away
To the beloved Jesus.
Have courage, evening shades grow gray
To those who love and grieve.
A dream will dash our chains apart,
And lay us in the Father's lap.

Edward Kofi Louis 12 January 2017

Departure! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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John Buzan 15 November 2008

Many thanks for making Novalis's poetry available here, in translation. I am grateful to the editors (by whatever title you go by in this etherworld) . Who is the translator? Considerable effort like this deserves glad recognition.

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M Asim Nehal 12 January 2017

Yes I agree with your comments...,

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Rajesh Majanarana 28 July 2019

This poems makes me depressed, how can you not want to kill yorself after reading. I hate life!

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Ratnakar Mandlik 12 January 2017

Simply superb poem explaining the life cycle and it's salient features. Thanks for sharing it here.

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Gangadharan Nair Pulingat 12 January 2017

The helplessness of human beings before death that too a sure procedure of life this a meaningful poem.

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Seamus O Brian 12 January 2017

Lyrically captures the ambivalence of standing in the weariness of this life, and contemplating a rest from the striving labours in the company of our loved ones already passed, and in the presence of our loving Father. Beautifully poignant contemplations.

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Tom Allport 12 January 2017

a poem about life and death becoming one?

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