“i Am Not A Terrorist” Sarah Palin Poem by Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

“i Am Not A Terrorist” Sarah Palin

Rating: 3.3

In a scene which well
scripted could have been.
Straight out of Indian
inspirational Bollywood.

Julian Assange answered
nailing sulking Sarah Palin.
Declared in free speech bold
“I am not a terrorist”.

Copyright © Terence George Craddock

Terence George Craddock 19 February 2011

''I cannot agree with the praise your fans (like Lynn & Moh!) heap on your verse. Aside from their obvious dislike for someone as courageous as Ms.Palin, they have little to offer but calumny.'' **The above was the post by Michael Pruchnicki in his long awaited new round of insults Of course you cannot agree Michael, your a most disagreeable fellow :) ''as courageous as Ms.Palin'' Ms, is she no longer married. Freedom of speech entitles you to your opinion dear Michael, and others to have opinions which differ with yours, the cause of your constant rub. Unfortunately you have it wrong again Michael. The theme is not Ms.Palin, it is freedom of speech. Gossip on Palin is not the theme, however her belief that Julian Assange should be executed as a traitor is inappropriate. As an Australian he cannot be a traitor, he is not an American citizen. Tabloids, newspapers Michael, publish source information which has been proven accurate. Papers news networks do this all around the world. Julian Assange is publishing genuine diplomatic cables, therefore the data is accurate. An American passed this data to WekiLeaks as you should know. It was not stolen therefore My Assange is not a thief or a terrorist. Therefore the theme of the poem is... Issues which may be addressed by international law in the future, but at present Mr Assange has broken no law. To spell it out for you Michael, Mr Assange is not a terrorist. Better look up terrorism Michael. ''they have little to offer but calumny'' Yes insults and statements about somebody with malicious intent is your area of expertise Michael, however don''t you think evidence indicts you as number one at this on poemhunter.com. Eagerly awaiting your next insults Mr Michael Pruchnicki, with the hope of aiding your further edification. Yours sincerely Terence George Craddock

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Babalola Adeola 31 July 2011

much have been said. I just want to add this. You are great.

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Michael Pruchnicki 17 February 2011

I cannot agree with the praise your fans (like Lynn & Moh!) heap on your verse. Aside from their obvious dislike for someone as courageous as Ms.Palin, they have little to offer but calumny.

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Lynn Glover 08 February 2011

Good write Terence. You seem to be keeping up with world events quite well. I usually check your site for current news. Great job. Lynn

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Mohammad Akmal Nazir 07 February 2011

Yes, off course he is not a terrorist. Actually he was a danger for so called messiahs of the world. He did a great job. And you did a great job by writing such imressive lines. Great write indeed.

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Mohammad Skati 04 February 2013


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L. M. 12 July 2012

At any rate, my point of saying this is that I would rather award Julian some sort of civilian's award-he's fighting for freedom in a way that no American has apparently even considered.

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L. M. 12 July 2012

First, simply because she somehow has managed to rise to national fame does not mean she is competent, intelligent, or capable. It means she's a politician. Second, I find that she has the inexplicable ability to blurt nonsense out that just do not apply. Tossing around the word terrorist when the American people have already had the terrorists! propaganda overplayed on them time and time again (honestly, terrorists of freedom? Are we still saying that, really?) is just insensitive and it shows just how little American politicians think of the American public. Successfully we are all drones that nod and derp whenever we're spoonfed scary or irrelevant news. At least Assange is saying something, though why he's bothering to help people who would rather keep going to their job's and pretending nothing's wrong, I will never understand.

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Manolo Del Toro 25 April 2012

Unfortunately you mustbe ignorant of the political system in America. Sarah Palin is very smart despite what Eric states. Julian Assange should be shot as he is a terrorist, and Sarah has more knowledge on running a country than both Biden and Obama have combined.

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Eric Cockrell 16 August 2011

she's sadly not intelligent enough to be one... she is however an affront to all of womankind!

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