I Am That I Am Poem by Hezekiah Tiamiyu

I Am That I Am

Rating: 4.8

This is me,
A living being,
That which I am,
And what I have,
That which I say
And what I don't take,
The things I feel
With that I don't see.
That which I am,
I can never change that.

So cool, with a smile so nice
From a lips so pink it never lies
Fashioned out
To always stand out,
Gentle, meek and subtle,
Never tell lies, all true.
Caring, loving, understanding,
Guess that's why I'm still standing.
That which I have become,
Will never be turned.

With an eye on the future,
I've kept my precious slim stature,
And dusted the past behind,
Knowing the present has no rewind.
I am standing tall,
Ready to rise, that's if I fall.
I'll never be a fake me,
I ain't scared to be real.
For I am that
Which I am.

David Wood 30 April 2013

We should all live with the gifts we have been given. Spiritual gifts being more important than physical ones

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Hazel Durham 21 April 2013

We all should be proud to be ourselves and not wanting to be somebody else, not to be scared to be real!

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Valsa George 18 April 2013

The indefatigable sense of self confidence of a youngster, i see in this poem! Keep it up and never try to fit into another's shoe. An admirable sense of self worth all through the poem! Nice!

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Hezekiah Tiamiyu

Hezekiah Tiamiyu

Lagos state, Nigeria
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