I Am The Best Poem by ANJANDEV ROY

I Am The Best

Rating: 5.0

The haughty shadow says,
'I am the best, '
Immediately I protest saying.....
'I am the best, '
The conflict goes on,
Gradually the sun sets,
Dark evening cast its spell,
The atmosphere becomes darker and darker,
Still we continue to quarrel,
Finally being tired and exhausted,
I fall asleep at night
And then......
The shadow whispers to me,
'Oh! Yes, you are the best
Because you are a true poet.'

Jacson Gelato 26 May 2023

You can call yourself a true poet but to call yourself the best you have to write better than the rest; sometimes mind wanders off with opinions comparison makes us think of refinement we think we are far better than others but do we think others are far best than us?

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Anjandev Roy 26 May 2023

Dear friend! You have misinterpreted the real meaning of the poem.

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Richard Wlodarski 26 May 2023

When evil (the haughty shadow) finally sees The Light...it becomes The Best! Another winner, friend Anjandev!

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 25 May 2023

Bravo my friend I couldn't top that

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Juhaina Tumlu 25 May 2023

Difference between confident and over-confident, Pride and Ego is so thin that only few have wisdom to understand it. Good Poem. Full Stars

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Dr Dillip K Swain 25 May 2023

No genuine poet proclaims that, Ï am the best: . It's just a kind of medicine to tease such people who feel that way. An excellent poem dear Anjandev. Well penned...Top score!

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