I Could Never Have Said No To You Poem by Tamra Craft

Tamra Craft

Green Bay, Wisconsin

I Could Never Have Said No To You

How am I supposed to speak to you when I am so weak to you
And you have no clue

I'm consumed by a friendship never expanded, my heart left empty handed

Instead only branded with your name,

Despite the years that have past. And when asked if I miss you
My heart beats faster than my fingers answer you

I think about you atleast once every day, the price I pay
For never knowing, for never showing you what you meant

What you mean, it was more than it seemed,
And if you had but reached for me, you'd have been deep into me

Swimming in crimson waters thick with understanding
Soul left steaming from the branding of my undying devotion handing

You more of me than anyone has ever been trusted to hold.
Bold, never cold, young when we are old, secrets never told

Something you and I have never had before each other,
Not even from our Mother's, warm under the covers

Did that not sound good to you, or did you not see me?
As I lay there bleeding into your awaiting mouth, did I not taste sweet?

Could my flavor be beat, once I was firmly on my feet
Didn't you feel the same heat rise, between my thighs

Into your blue eyes I swam in circles around
Black pupils huge with wonder, they swept me under

Without warning, I didn't intend to fall so completely unreasonably
Deeply off the end.

Just friends, we were never more than stolen kisses
In the darkness of back seats and near misses

I wish for once we had ran into each other at the right time
The light time, the consumed by need enough to take me time.

Just so you know, I could have never said no to you.


Tamra Craft

Green Bay, Wisconsin
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