I'D Pull Down Heaven And Wrap You In The Milky Way Poem by William Jackson

I'D Pull Down Heaven And Wrap You In The Milky Way

Rating: 5.0

I'd pull down heaven and wrap you in the Milky Way If I could,
For you are the sun, the moon, and the stars to me.

If I could, I'd roll the ocean back to lay Atlantis dry beneath your feet,
For you are the tide, the waves, and the sand to me.

At your request, I'd steal the Taj Mahal and languish in prison like Shaj Jahan,
For you are the seventh wonder of my world, a goddess, my everything.

Though I give you the elixir of life and die while you remain forever young, I will always love you!

***** ********* 27 June 2006

A beautifully enduring love poem you have here William, I see a couplet form in the poem but it could be clearer if you defined the lines slightly more imo. This love you describe is the best love of all...eternal and completely open and true. Smiling at you, Tai

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Will Barber 02 July 2006

A fine love song. The long lines are very muscular, but the images are tender, indeed.

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Tailor Bell 04 September 2006

now that is love. great piece. -Tailor

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Sandra Fowler 06 July 2006

Wonderful proof that romance is alive and well in the fine poems of William Jackson. Kind regards, Sandra

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Nalini Hebbar 05 July 2006

a die hard romantic...wow...who's the lucky girl...love nalini

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Patricia Gale 05 July 2006

The line alone is enough of a sigh.........then the rest of this write is one of pure love and passion. Melts the heart of even the coldest.

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Dee Daffodil 03 July 2006

The sun and the moon and the stars...oh how I love that line. and have said it many times myself. A very strong love indeed...very beautiful poem! Hugs, Dee

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