I Have A Corner Poem by Khairul Ahsan

I Have A Corner

Rating: 4.9

I have a soft corner in my heart,
For the quiet, unobtrusive child,
Whose talent is often rated low
'Cause he is unassuming and mild.

I have a small corner in my heart,
For those whose kindness I enjoyed,
But couldn't return the favor in kind,
A pity that often makes me feel void.

I have some space left in my heart,
For the boy whose dad passed away,
Ominous fate looming large on his mom,
Her malignant tumor signalling fast decay.

My heart always keeps some space
For the mourning bird that lost her mate,
Fallen to the gunshot of a happy hunter,
Who wanted it be served on a dinner platter.

Come one and come all, if you think,
You would be happy with just a piece,
And not be bothered by who got what,
With everyone shall we live in peace.

10 March 2014
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Sunday, March 9, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Hallucinations? May be...
Lorraine Colon 09 March 2014

It would be an honor for anyone to occupy even the smallest space in your heart.

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Ruby Mostazir 09 March 2014

loved it..............

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Sandra Feldman 09 March 2014

Ahh Beautiful, a poets dream of love, peace and compassion. You have a very big heart my friend in it you can fit the Whole World. Bravo.! You give us pride, honor and hope.

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Susy Evelyne 19 April 2014

It's a good thing your heart has these corners for the ones most of the world overlooks. A lovely poem.

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Khairul Ahsan 18 August 2018

Thanks for reading my poem, Susy Evelyne, and leaving a kind comment here. I am much inspired.

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Khairul Ahsan 22 March 2014

@Mirrin Mcfarlane I am highly impressed by your kind words. Thanks for reading my poem and for your appreciative comment.

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Khairul Ahsan 22 March 2014

@Violet Winters Thanks for reading my poem with so much attention and leaving your kind words here. I am truly inspired.

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Anonymous Msm 22 March 2014

This is a lovely poem. Nicely written, sad but pretty and it has a nice flow to it.

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Khairul Ahsan 18 August 2018

Thank you, @Anonymous Msm, for appreciating the poem. Much obliged.

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Violet Winters 19 March 2014

Certainly not hallucinations! This was so soft and gentle and simple to read... but it says so much, with such conviction. I loved it, I read it twice.

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