I Have Not Told Yet

How beautiful she's on my two eyes
I love her by the special heart,
And in my heart lives name of her,
Well I can sleep sweetly by recall her name

She was smiled yesterday as looking marvelous
Her lips and face were beautiful to see,
I tried to take her eyes to the mind,
And the world has changed because of her

She's a girl whom I loved by heart silently
I think she's the moon of the twilight sky,
As sometimes a star of thecelestial sphere,
And the beauties of the garden flowers

Does she loves me or not?
Still I love her as always flowing water,
As the flying wind in the world,
I really search that girl in my life

Her name is the step of mine and the rhythm
And her bright smile is hope for my eyes,
For that I love my university and the way of life,
And I start by her name to travel in a dream

I love her style and smile upon me
But I haven't told by open my heart yet,
As the ocean I sings for her,
But maybe she hasn't heard by her purified heart

Tuesday, March 13, 2018
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