I Saw Up Into The Sky

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In last twilight I saw up into the sky
The twinkling stars, flying clouds and the dark venus
All of the sky had to cuddle
I didn't find any more example to compare
Before the sun down in the west
What did we do and how used to talked?
Now we've to forget and fall asleep
I questioned: "Why does the night enter into my eyes? "
You and me between
The stealthy way is a waterfall, river and uneven
Here we plays the heart like a seafarer
On the steps of proceed to spread lovely flowers
Oh girl; I think-you're a lullaby
Your happiness I saw inside the sea
When we're used to talked at the bangs of the sea
I think; "Why did the heart even thoughts? "
I child to close his face by dokhona fali of his own mother
I'm in the dark inside at present tense
Now tired; dancing trees and vegetations on the wings of wind
But not break holiday like the river my respiration
My beloved; tomorrow we'll be play with rays of the sun
Now you'd sleep sweetly on the bed

Friday, November 10, 2017
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Bernard F. Asuncion 10 November 2017

Such a lovely poem, Ronjoy.....

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