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I Just Might Be Glad You Took Him, Good Luck - Poem by c lea harris

When he said he wanted a divorce
My tears left me hoarse
For the months I only functioned through
My friends gave me support,
making good points of this marriage abort
Then, he showed up on my doorstep out the blue
I guess you don’t want to see me,
like a dumbass I “ excitedly said, “ Of course, I do.”
Together back into the house we had shared
Years of laughs, tears and hard work
Soon it came apparent the games had not stopped
To the bar, where he met you, with his friends, behind my back, me he mocked
A phone call came, he couldn’t tell me face to face
I’ve found another love, tonight she’s moving in
All I can say now, is good luck, you can have all the muck
You may think you have a great catch, you think your so in love
A perfect match from heaven’s above
Wait a couple of years you’ll be wondering what you saw
You see what I went thru, my emotions, self confidence mauled
You’ll know the reasons why I left, you’ll realize the lies
You’ll be disgusted how close the family ties
When the time comes, you’ll realize the truth
He only needed a babysitter, so he could do, what
smucks like him do
I can’t say, I won’t say, I told you so,
I will tell you, You lost a good friend,
You knew I was living in that house, when he was out with you
I am still wondering how you can lay your head on the same pillow
I did. Just the night before, and you wonder why I call you a whore
Yes, he did break my heart, shatter my dreams
For only a little while, but it was for the good of me
I can hold my head up high,
For the man, I now have, a heart at least I didn’t destroy
in a virgin bed, I don’t have to wonder
he was free and clear, with honesty a life we can share
Now I can live and breathe.

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, August 24, 2010

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