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! ! ! ! I'Ll Never Be Loved! ! ! !

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Not ready to accept till now
Always had an inner row
Someone somewhere i'll find
Love between us will help us bind.

i know not how long i have waited
i think love is extravagently rated
it's high time i admit yes i fear
i'll never be loved, it's now clear.

Denied, rejected, crushed by all
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Dr Antony Theodore 26 July 2010

Now rotting in an ORPHAN'S GRAVE All i'll say, for love i crave Now there's nothing to fear because now it's clear i have never been loved and i'll never be loved it's now clear. but u wrote above. 'being loved is a bliss'.... you are going to be loved. begin to l ove whole heartedly and you will be loved. smile and you will get thousand smiles in return.. my prayers are for you. do not lose hope. thank you for sharing

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R. H. Peat 24 July 2010

As Rumi says: To have the experience of love; you have to be willing to be vulnerable. Protect or guard yourself against love, and you can't have the feelings of love at all. For love gives all and asks for nothing in return. It is always willing to be hurt but never willjng to be abusive. a poet friend RH Peat

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Saadat Tahir 05 July 2010

touching lines atonce pain ful and absorbing cheers

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Pain...beautifully expressed...Brilliant write...

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Afzal Shauq 03 May 2010

Being loved is a bliss Someone to love is all i miss it's high time i admit yes i fear i'll never be loved it's now clear. what a sweet and meaningful stanza is this one..great task

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Seule Coeur 27 February 2012

Real touching words and those has been through this dark tunnel of life can have this abstract touch of thy poetry.. I really appreciate it.

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Menime Soul..'d' Ugliloner 20 February 2012

Absolutely beautiful with an amazing twist in the end :) ...nice tribute to all the Orphans.. I'll never be loved i'm much familiar to this sentence..but not in an orphan way. Good one! !

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Lucky Gautam 30 January 2012

very nice... simply mind blowing... ur thoughts ur views n the way u expressd them

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Aranthabailu Ummar 05 October 2011

now love is redefined. The pure love what we learnt from our fore fathers is no more exist. Now it is selfish too What you read from your heart is good but expecting the same is not good

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Allemagne Roßmann 25 September 2011

The way u expressed the situation of mind is awesome and for love-please do not wait for it..let it wait for u...is better coz we live a transitory and temporary life..u do not know even which time u leave this world though people are advised not to be mortal everytime and nurture a positive attitude..harbour the days as it comes coz nothing is more important than ur life and that u r living beyond earthly possessions striking a loom that though will not fetch u something in the long run rather than fighting ur mind snatching the patience away which u will feel later on u could have given to those abstract books, other sides of life which cannot but speaks in silence to be urs at the first place forever provided u r committed strongly...Well co/ordnitaed art as poetic expressions here.

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