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' Will 'I' Ever Be 'Me' '

Rating: 3.1

i love this world, when the world loves me
i hate this world, when the world hates me
Proudly i claim i've all the freedom
But are my thoughts really free from this WORLDLY kingdom.

Ruled by His Royal Highness GREED
Fighting a neverending battle to SUCCEED
With an army of soldiers of the SELFISH regiment
Who always move ahead never to look back never to repent.

Now when i look back i see
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Neetha Sasidharan 21 January 2012

wow! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! really grt... smtims i too feel like this...though i'm only 15, i long 4 those carefree days, when i did evrythng wntd 2 without caring others.... a lot of truth in dis poem.. kp writing...

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Binish Cd 21 January 2012

a poem of thoughts...........philosophical..........10

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Ramesh Rai 20 January 2012

When i will be me. your poem has compelled me to think. nice poem

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Punit Jain 11 January 2012

awesome.....; -) is it really about you..?

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Aranthabailu Ummar 05 October 2011

hei, this is the world, where a mere fleash can hug its blood heart have the flower soul smell it

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Dr Antony Theodore 14 September 2015

Whatever i do is nothing for me All i do is only to achieve and for the world to please i've buried myself my soul it seems i am a stone i am mere flesh with no dreams of my ow very very good poem. the search for identity. living to please others will kill us. you are a unique being. your uniqueness you will lose when you live to please others. Be yourself always. be strong to stand on your own legs. thank you dear Poetess. God bless you

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The Lost Mind 01 November 2012

Believe me - This is just amazing would be an understatement... Coz you have pulled out something that is very true.. We all feel like this, Its just that we let go of that feeling and concentrate on the more mundane tasks.. Nevertheless, a really good write... Do keep writing... - Vinod

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Dr Sruthi Varma 05 August 2012

Awesome..i liked it.. '' Me from mirror stares at i ''gud line Aastha..

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Seule Coeur 27 February 2012

Great words and expression.

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Deep Mukherjee 29 January 2012

A confrontation expressed with awesome words! ! !

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