I Love That We Have. Memories Poem by Jim Yerman

I Love That We Have. Memories

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I love that we have memories
Even though as the years pass we may begin to doubt them
I cannot imagine…I cannot fathom…
what life would be without them.

On the river of life…when times are difficult…
or when we float along with ease
wherever the current takes us…
we keep adding memories.

And if life is like a river always moving ever forward without a break
I like to think of memories as a calm and peaceful lake…

A lake that no matter how many memories we add will never over fill
A quiet, tranquil place where time itself stands still.

Where we can choose to pause a while…
on the edge where the water meets the land
to get our feet wet for a moment and scoop a memory in our hands…

Or if we want…if we have the inclination…to wade up to our knees
or dive headfirst under the water and be awash in memories.

I love to swim the entire lake…it's waters cool and clear
because I never know what memories will suddenly appear…

I don't mind that the good and bad memories have mixed together along the way
because they have intermingled to make me who I am today.

I find I like to talk to my memories…to thank them when they were bright…
and even though the time has passed…to warn them…in hindsight…

Oh, I know that moment's gone and I can never change that memory
which makes me wonder: 
if I am talking to my memory…or is my memory talking to me?

Yes, I love that I have memories
Even though as the years pass I may begin to doubt them
for I cannot imagine…
I cannot fathom…
what my life would be without them.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: memories
Kumarmani Mahakul 18 September 2019

Like river carries many memories we behold memories in life with much importance and every memory carries love. An amazing poem is brilliantly penned.10

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