I'M Flying Free Poem by Neela Nath Das

I'M Flying Free

Rating: 4.1

Let the clouds sway with the wind,
Let there dance storm like Nataraja;
Let me uproot my soul, from its soil.
I cherish to fly from this fever,
From the weary way, of my trodden earth.
I'm a spirit who can't love, hate
Can't stick to my hackneyed soul...
Take me away away from this world,
where hatred has Medusa's head,
And the Dragon's breath...
I smell my dripping blood.
Trust won't search another,
Trust, leaving nothing, no
Bones, ashes, the burnt blood
Nothing...I'm flying free!

Valerie Dohren 18 June 2012

Great poem about the soul yearning to be fre e - you may like to read mine entitled Great Eagle with a similar theme.

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R.k Das 18 June 2012

it is one of your best poems, , thanx

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Dr Dillip K Swain 07 December 2022

Take me away away from this world.....this wonderful poem is flying like a kite...

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Shouvik Roy 24 June 2012

Thats the spirit... Take me away away from this world, where hatred has Medusa's head, loved these lines..

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Heather Wilson 23 June 2012

A very descriptive well written poem, I hope your soul will always fly free Nilakshi

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Indira Babbellapati 22 June 2012

the soul is eternally free of all shackles... it's an objective witness to all our thoughts, emotions... we think we should set it free but soul is always beyond us! i enjoyed reading the poem and it lightened me so much that i felt myself a floating cloud!

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Unwritten Soul 20 June 2012

First i am sorry Nila, but i dont know what is Nataraja? ? Well this poem play with contras emotion, some dark side but the mission is to be free...well i dont think hate is useful in any condition, and trust is to be doubt....These two, love and trust are the most precious ingredients to prepare a magical potion in working communication and appreciation of relationship....or did i misunderstood the poem....LOL keep writing :) _Unwritten SOul

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