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I Matter (C) 5-3-2010

Despite the sorrow and pangs of distress I know my worth
For in my heart I know that I Matter.
Whatever it is even the lowest positions
I know deep down in my heart I Matter.

No one is free from trials and tribulations
But even with them I still know that I Matter.
I may not be the greatest of all time
But still I know that truly I Matter.

No one in the world should wonder there place in life
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Jane Day 07 January 2019

Hi, I love this poem and am in the middle of producing a book. I would like to include this poem but can anyone advise me about copyright? ? ! In hope!

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Kimberly 28 December 2017

I really like your poem. I just so happened to find it and it's just what I needed to read. I've been feeling like I don't matterms to my significant other despite him saying he loves me. He just doesn't seem to be able to make time for us. I matter too. You you mind if I posted your poem on my page?

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Jordan Claire 03 May 2010

Wow... there isnt much else to say haha i think we can all relate to this poem.

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