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Land Of The Free (C) 3-29-08

Rating: 3.9

Land of the Free home of the brave
Land of disease home of the slave
Freedom of religion Freedom of speech
Freedom of press and freedom to breach
Freedom to steal freedom to take
Freedom to carry guns and Freedom to break
The laws of the man and the laws of the word
Freedom from peace but to still use the bird
The only home of brave and Land of the Free
The land who rules based off democracy

Freedom to starve and Freedom to be poor
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Maranda Brown 10 February 2010

I actually thought that this poem was GREAT! ! ! your a really wounderful poet... and i also think that u shouldnt even worry at all about the negative responses that you've got... Because you wrote what you wrote for a reason and anyone/ everyone opinions should be heard... Keep up the GREAT work..

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Kristy Smith 28 October 2009

your poem is beautiful....i can't even describe it in words...thank you for finally putting words to this...a lot of americans feel this way but keep their mouths shut...dont get me wrong i love america but it different now...

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Wojja Fink 23 April 2009

Reminds me of young Dylan.....and I don't mean Thomas...brave write.....John

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Grace 02 December 2018

Horrible theme. This poem is nothing like the reality. America is much greater than this.

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Knight 02 December 2018

Completely agree with your comment, Grace.

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Knight 02 December 2018

Anti-American, and completely inaccurate.

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Jayatissa K. Liyanage 15 February 2015

Great thinking. Hats off for being frank, brave and bold.

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Robert May 25 February 2014

If you're going to write a repetitive poem starting every line with the word, Freedom, you keep it that way. Breaking your own writing pattern makes a bad poem. Same with rhyming patterns. The rhymes get really forced at points because of the structure you laid out for yourself, the last line doesn't rhyme, sentence structure is mangled in parts. Overall would give it a 4 out of 10. I would give it a 3 out of 10, but then again, you're at least trying to write something deep.

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Amanda Deupree 19 May 2013

I agree with this poem. I think it speaks the truth of what freedoms we have in America.

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Silver Day 23 March 2010

i love this poem, it's beautiful, i actually first heard this poem from a friend who had gotten me to read it, and i liked it then and still do.

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