As Time Goes By (C) 6-17-07 Poem by Zahir Kijani

As Time Goes By (C) 6-17-07

Rating: 3.9

I wait and I wait to here what you say
Wonderin' when you're gonna answer me
I sit and I sit all through the night and the day
Still wondering when you're gonna answer me

I'm still sittin' here after days go by
Wonderin' if what you told me was a lie

I don't understand what's going on
How long does it take to say yes or no
It seem years has gone by as the river's flowing on and on
Now I'm afraid your answer is going to be no

I can't breathe from the anticipation
I would call you but I mustn't show my desperation

Weeks have gone by and I'm feelin' heartbroken
But in the middle of it I'm startin' not to care
I'm gettin' upset because you haven't yet spoken
Until I find out that the whole time you weren't there

Now I understand I feel sad instead
If only I would've known you were dead

It's weird how fantasy can take over a lot
Even though it didn't happen you still try
You want things to change right on the spot
But you'll have a lot to change as time goes by

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Copyright 6/17/07 ©® Corey Threet

Danny H 31 July 2009

I love the anticipation and desperation :) i love your poetry not quite intellectual, but said easy for the simple minded to read Like me, Thank you

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Jacob Andrew Jarman 21 June 2009

I've felt this way before a brilliant poem

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As Alexander Pope said 'Hope springs eternal in the human breast', but how often have we confused hope with fantasy and illusion. Been there, done that, maybe about a million times - hoping, when there was nothing to hope for. Great poem, Corey.

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Kimberly Bellamy 30 April 2009

Very sad poem, but I love it

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Sue Sie 28 April 2009

I understand this poem well...waiting in anticipation for that word then the desperation wears off..too lead into other emotions Well written...a touch of sadness in this verse..10++

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Edder Ramirez 19 May 2010

i love that poem its really good and to be honest thats whats happening to me right now.....but anyways awesome poem :)

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Kortnie Smith 21 April 2010

Awesome poem! I love it :)

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Felicity Slaughter 08 April 2010

I've definitely felt like that before. I thought this was great.

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Kayla Taylor 02 March 2010

Great poem...I give a 10 to the max...

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Shilesha Johnson 20 August 2009

WOW...i loved this poem...i was just waiting to find out why it was that he wasn't there.. and then boom... i had to re-read it.... loved it to the fullest.. i give it a 10

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