I Saw You Often Poem by Tom Billsborough

I Saw You Often

Rating: 4.0

I saw you often with your head bowed low,
As if in sorrow from some awful wound,
Inflicted long ago.
And even when you smiled
Residual sadness lingered in your eyes,
As though you carried blame
For a loved one's harm,
Caused by another.
Unjust burden which I wished you shared.
I should have asked, if I'd dared.
It's now too late as we are far apart.
Yet I keep your warmth and sadness in my heart.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: memory
Sonali Ganguly 01 March 2016

beautiful verse....

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Tom Billsborough 02 March 2016

Thank you, Sonali. Maybe I should enter some more. They are quite varied in style. Tom

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Margaret O Driscoll 16 April 2016

Love this piece Tom!

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Tom Billsborough 16 April 2016

Thank you, Margaret. I still regret I never asked her. I guess I was afraid of making 2 plus 2 making 5' I think I should have trusted my intuition. I must look at your poems tomorrow. Many regards Tom

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Curtis Goodnight 24 April 2016

Yes- like all good poetry this carries that deeper story line.

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Bri Edwards 09 March 2023

I still like the poem and still would give you five stars....all over again...if I could. But, not being a politician, I don't know how to vote twice and get away with it. ; ( bri Anna told me you died. Bon voyage!

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Bri Edwards 09 March 2023

Tom sent this to me: 'Tom Billsborough25 November 2016I know where she lives but it's on the opposite coast to mine. She was someone I knew. I'll tell you about it sometime, Bri'

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Bri Edwards 06 July 2022

I heard from another PH member that Tom died. Good luck, Tom, my friend. bri : )

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Bri Edwards 06 July 2022

Yes, eventually it is 'too late' for most things, things like READING BRI EDW ARDS' POETRY. Ha ha. Do it now, ...before it's too late. bri

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Bri Edwards 31 October 2021

Nice, Tom, though I think you'll never see this comment, as I've heard you died. Hopefully you died peacefully, having outlived your wife and cat. Yes, 'far apart' is SO TRUE now. bri ;)

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