I Thank God Poem by Layla Norman

I Thank God

Rating: 4.6

I thank God for the little things:
the moon, the stars, the sun,
I thank God for everyone
and everything He's done

I thank God for who i am
and the person i've become
I thank God for who's in my life
and that i'm safer than some

I thank God for my family
and how they're always there
I thank God that they raised me
and how they'll always care

I thank God for all my friends
and the trust they have in me
I thank God for my happiness
that's now so easy to see

I thank God for the gift of life
adn that it's good and pure
I thank God for who's in mine
to make me safe and sure

I thank God for the gift of love
and what it means to me
I thank God for how our love felt
when you set my heart free

I thank God for my favorite gift
a special gift, it's true
I thank God for this special gift
and that special gift is you

I thank God that you're by my side;
that our hearts have become one
I thank God that i have you now
for my love will never be done

Brian Dorn 07 February 2008

Great Poem, Layla... a wonderful sentiment and very well done!

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Kelly Smith 06 January 2010

That is really Beautiful x

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Kelly Smith 06 January 2010

This is a very Beautiful poem, did you write it for your partner? x

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Jesus Christ 26 February 2019

This poem gave me hemorrhoids

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L RON HOYABEMBE 26 February 2019

I read this song to my pet chinchilla and he proceded to like his nasty parts, I guess he was aroused. After I got him to stop he tried to gouge my eyes out with his little chinchilla teeth. I truly enjoyed the poem however my chinchilla did not.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 05 March 2021

A heart full of gratefulness is blessed. A heartwarming and well expressed write.

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Bill Cantrell 04 March 2021

Creation is full of intelligent design, only a close-minded person would think that matter decided on it own to develop love have a conscience

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Varsha M 04 March 2021

Yes we actually have take time to ponder this aspect. When someone thanks us we feel good but to give thanks to God we always forget.

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Rebecca Navarre 04 March 2021

Absolutely beautiful! ... Ever so heart warming! .. We have much to be Grateful to our Lord for! .. May someday all give thanks! .. Definite 5 Stars! ...++++

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Kelly Kurt 04 March 2021

There are NO gods. Try to think rationally.

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