If I Had The Chance Poem by Misty Heart

If I Had The Chance

Rating: 4.0

If I had the chance to know you...
then i could have loved you more.
I loved you but i knew it late...
i wish i knew before.

I knew you in a shallow sense...
known you in a different way.
I want to soar your deepest thoughts...
hear what your heart would say.

I tried to reach you inner self...
but then you built a wall.
You always kept a distance...
so i gave up after all.

I knew you have a gentle heart...
and soul that knows to love.
Why did you keep yourself away
and hide all what you have?

I thought there'll come a time for us...
that I'd know you even more.
I'd understand and care and love;
I'd own and I'd adore.

But then the sands of time ran short;
and I'm tired of waiting still.
You hid the keys to your locked heart;
I cannot see what's real.

Im tired of playing all those games...
you kept on teaching me.
Im tired... Im lost... and so confused;
I prayed on sincerely.

And so i said goodbye to you...
for you seem not to care.
You wont let me inside your heart...
i knew it's not that fair.

But if you only gave me chance
and time to understand...
I would have been your dearest friend...
and lover till the end.

Christopher Turner 18 August 2006

I love your poems, this one really hits home. I've experienced this first hand recently. C.G.Turner

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