I Wept Bitterly Poem by ramesh rai

I Wept Bitterly

I wept
I wept bitterly when I was born
as I loved bosom of God

Being departed from God
I wept bitterly and cried
where I had come

The Almighty consoled me
told me, you'd see me
in your mother's face

So, I did

I realised my Mom as my God
The Almighty assured me
to provide all needs

So, he did

He made me acquaintance of
my father, brother, sister, all relatives
and friend

I followed Him what he said

He sent a teacher for me
and guided me

He told me to love them all

So, I did.

Now, I love all
I have become captive in love of all

O God!

You have made me captive of this world
which I love utmost
Now, you say me to be free
from all love and lust of this world

How it is possible?
How can I ignore them all?

Ambrosia A 22 November 2013

I loved reading those lines. Amazing we had same experience, but this poem sound much good than mine. Love to learn a lot from all u experts.tq

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Vipins Puthooran 12 September 2012

from eternity to eternity/we've got a little time to live here///////\\\\\\ | | | | ___| |___

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The Reader 12 September 2012

A unique piece for sure...a justification of the love of the mundane world is really of human nature... Good poem... How can I ignore....?

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Ellias Anderson Jr. 12 September 2012

This poem is deeply meaningful and awesome. when we born we wept, and when we die, other will weep..(if we are good people) this is so great and nice.

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Anita Sehgal 07 September 2012

a true dilemma... well expressed

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