'''''' I Wouldn’t Learn Poem by .Pd. is here

'''''' I Wouldn’t Learn

Rating: 3.0

Hold my hand
Guide me a while
Prepare me to walk
For endless miles.

Swim with me
Into the strong tide
Leave me to float unaided
When I begin to get it right.

Fly me on your back
Into the soaring sky
Then depart from my side
So I learn to fly.

Fuel my ambition,
But restrict your help,
Because I wouldn’t learn
Till I do it myself.

(1: 00 am – 26 April 2007)


Preti....You haven't lost a step, young lady...Your trademark, crisp, tight & flid structure is still well intact...Like the storyline, as well...Rock Solid Penning! FjR

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 18 February 2009

an effortless learn that was...a very natural and simple poem

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Darby Spielmaker 21 May 2007

like this write, think of guidance, free at that like a bird.

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Nimal Dunuhinga 11 May 2007

Excellent Preeti! In the school of life you learn more things without paying the fees.

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Tranquil Ocean 08 May 2007

Love this structure...its so gentle to read and conveys the beautiful meaning of your poem in such a flowy style. Love...TO

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Nikunj Parikh 03 May 2007

really good poem....we all need to learn and do something on our own... well said preets....keep it up..

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