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AsSile wWuld hHve mMde mM dDy

Rating: 3.2

A bouquet of flowers
An expensive gift
A lavish dinner
Was there really a need for all this?

I appreciate every efforts of yours, but
Will it break your heart if I say,
That even a Smile
Would have made my day?

A smile that says 'I love you' and 'I care'.
A genuine smile to melt me
A smile to take me to the stars
A smile to make me all yours.

For love has no measure, it’s a poison of pleasure.
For love is not what money can buy,
It's an emotion, an emotion that makes you laugh and cry.
And I say this again, that I appreciate every effort of yours;

But don't go breaking your heart, when I say
That even a smile would have made my day.
For you don't need to bother much, with you I will forever stay
Because you've already taken my heart away.

Your Smile has made My Day!

(! 6 April,2006)

Kristin Davis 20 May 2006

I must say that this poem made it hard to not smile all the way through... even though it is 4: 30am my time... It's so true... when there's love, all that other stuff doesn't matter... it's the time spent together and connection between one another that means the whole world! Preeti, darlin' you did a spectacular job in blending this one! love it! ***KEEP SMILING*** straight up a 10! ! ! ~~~~~~~~~Kristin Davis~~~~~~~~~~~

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Brian Dorn 03 June 2006

Preeti, well done! : ^)

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Rajaram Ramachandran 25 June 2006

The rearest commodity in the present day world is smile. There is a funny saying that the longest word in English is SmileS, because there is a mile between 'S' and 'S' You have nicely written about smile. Mona Lisa smile is very popular in the world today. Please see how many smiles about which my poem on 'The best smile' will speak in my poemhunter page under 'Rajaram Ramachandran.'

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Wan Little 24 July 2006

Like the flowing of your poem. And I agree money isn't everything. A smile and laughter brighten someone's heart. Good work. Wan

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Catastrophe King 26 July 2006

A nice read..... SMILE.. the precious gift one can have or give... well written..

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Brian Jani 05 May 2014

Pd this is exceptional

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Meggie Gultiano 20 June 2007

nice poem..carefully laden with words so nice and gentle i could even smile reading it..A smile of a little child will take your worries away..

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Who's Erwhatsit 07 May 2007

Not that you need another comment to know that this is a good poem, but, this is a good poem! It's so true and applies to so many: -)

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Golda C Alexander 22 April 2007

Beautiful write, girl. Loved this piece alot. Love doesn't really cost a thing if we know what we want and how to get it! Cheers, golda164

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Ashish R 19 December 2006

Hey, did u find ur special someone dear? .This poem doesnt speak of a broken heart as most of ur poems.It somehow speaks of a new beginning.Loved reading it. Ashish.

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