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Rating: 4.6

This is to the motherland,
Where I am born.
This is to the teacher,
Who taught me nothing.
This is to my lover,
Who turned away from me.
Many are there to address,
Very few to notice.

What have you taught me?  
Why the hell you came in?  
Why did I even open my eyes mother!  
Hybridity, Modernization, Temporary.
Yes, You all have lost me,
Lost your identity in my life. 

Dedicated to the ones who have lost their identity.

Thala Abhimanyu Kumar

Dated: 25/08/2019

Tuesday, April 5, 2011
Topic(s) of this poem: birth,love
Zainab Zaheen 12 June 2011

really nice poem and you have really interesting titles :)

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Adam Omar 13 July 2011

sounds like a piece coming from a bitter heart making it really powerful.

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Erika lozano 15 November 2017

It needs more details more drama or more descrptive.

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Ritika Abrol 21 June 2012

Makes one realize that one is alone ultimately and that an identity is one's only asset... Good one :) ...

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Divya Divya B 11 December 2011

one can identify something in your poem

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lover of poetry sweet 20 August 2011

off course we are also losing sir. well written full 10

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Gillian.E. Shaw 04 August 2011

Really original and strong theme in this poem...something one can identify with. A lot of the time that is the key with poetry... writing what others can identify with. Well done.

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