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I Was Dead

I had my dinner and
Slept around 10 of night
After a couple hour or so
I found myself dead

A Farewell To Idiots

Come on, come on
Join the party
Mingle with our fools
A farewell to your bloody rules.

' I '

I am a soul
Your life force
I am the driver
Really just a pinpoint of life

A Lonely Heart

To the moment I can write
In presence of my breath
With evidence of my veins strength
That I feel lonely on earth

A Pleasant Day

Everything is laughing singing,
All the pretty flowers are sprung.
See the campus in your fun,
With your knowledge in the blank sun.

A Critical Span

Life is guided by fate,
Fate is guided by her talk,
Can fate wait for her? .

Death, Death And Death

I see the death everyday
Death in relations
Death in religion and faith
Death of man in man

A Captive Wing

Never before I imagined,
Pushed down and removed,
As suddenly it raised in my actions,
Pushing me slowly and silently.

Better Luck Next Time

A day will come
Will you come that day?
The day far beyond days
A day long like arabian nights.

A Pain

Noiseless break of nerves
You find many life curves
Little you speak but
Never you speak it.

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