A Critical Span Poem by abhimanyu kumar.s

A Critical Span

Rating: 4.5

Life is guided by fate,
Fate is guided by her talk,
Can fate wait for her? .

She has the divine gift,
To put you asleep in seconds.
As it is she who can,
Take your life in a span.

I swear on her,
She never knows about her magic.
But i have a doubt,
Whether she thinks well,
Or goes only with worst.

A Critical Span
Wednesday, April 13, 2011
Topic(s) of this poem: satire,satire of social classes,teacher,class
Elizabeth Mpanga 26 April 2011

love makes you see things you never thought you would. just be careful on your spellings. great thought though

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Pamuditha Zen Anjana 02 June 2011

Simple, smooth and subtle..yet it's stunning! ! ! ! Good one! ! ! ! Hats off! ! !

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Philip Jose 24 June 2011

true, brother, love can bring about a whole change.

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Vipins Puthooran 25 August 2011

Hi, Love has ceartain sprigged virtues in our life.. Stay awake our mind to fight with fate..a good piece of work..I rate u a 10

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Marvin Brato 19 December 2017

Sentiments are expressed with feelings not much with a thought... it has its own way of understanding! Thanks.

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Abhimanyu Kumar.s 19 December 2017

Thank you..., !

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Kaila George 23 January 2012

Intresting love the wording but not sure about the content

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Uguru-okorie Joseph 20 January 2012

Hey man, the poem is awesome and I love it.Be focused and don't mind what people comment, what you are is in you.

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Virginia Pecho Gely 14 January 2012

I read someone write that you should be careful with your spelling. Don't mind it. As long as you are understood, this is the most important thing in writing. Grammary, etc...is secondary. I love your styles....This one is simple but full of essences of life...In French we say Merci.(Thank you) .

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Divya Divya B 14 November 2011

a well directed satire on some one. good

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